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Semaglutide in Miami

Reach a Healthier Weight

Whether you struggle with obesity or want to become more svelte and athletic in appearance, managing your weight is a life-long process. To accomplish your goals, you need realistic solutions to get there. Semaglutide is a novel prescription drug that has revolutionized how people lose weight in recent years. Rigorously safety tested and clinically proven to work, our Miami semaglutide regimen can put you on the fast track to a healthier body.

Medical Weight Loss at Hydrology Wellness

At our Miami wellness center, we believe your ideal weight is the one you feel most comfortable with. Whether your goal is a trim waistline, improving your stamina, or winning the battle against obesity, our clinicians offer state-of-the-art tools to help you meet your goals head-on. Through our Miami semaglutide weight management plans, we have assisted countless patients in leading rewarding, healthier lives.

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What is Semaglutide?

Manage your weight

Semaglutide is a GLP-1RA (glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist), a class of medication used to manage issues such as diabetes mellitus and obesity. It mimics the hormone GLP-1, which the body releases when eating, causing fewer cravings and making it easier to slim down.

Administered once weekly, semaglutide reduces appetite, slows stomach emptying, and promotes insulin release, allowing patients to become healthier and achieve a narrower waistline.

In studies of overweight individuals, semaglutide combined with lifestyle changes results in clinically significant, sustained weight loss. Both injectable and oral semaglutide has beneficial effects on lipid profile, blood pressure, and body weight, all without dealing with rumbling stomachs or hunger pangs. Many clients taking semaglutide for weight loss begin to see results in the first eight to 12 weeks.

What can Semaglutide do for me?

Confident weight loss

In clinical trials, semaglutide, the main ingredient in both Ozempic and Wegovy, has been proven to help patients lose weight reliably and quickly without resorting to starvation diets and other risky alternatives. In tandem with a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, semaglutide can assist you in losing inches and maintaining your weight long-term.

Reasons to Consider Semaglutide

  • Curbs hunger
  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Enhances physical functioning
  • Minimal risk of adverse side effects
  • Decreases cardiometabolic risk factors
  • Reduces body fat and keeps it off long-term
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Am I a candidate for Semaglutide?

Real candidates. Real expectations.

Prime candidates are at least 18 years old, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and have a reasonably positive body image. Realistic expectations are a must; Semaglutide will not make you reach your ideal weight overnight. For optimal results, you must commit to modifying lifestyle habits that may be getting in the way of your weight loss goals. Consistently choosing healthy foods, being mindful of your caloric intake, and regular exercise will only help you see results from semaglutide faster. If you'd like to find out if you'd make a good candidate for Semaglutide Miami medical weight loss experts at Hydrology Wellness can address that and answer any other questions you have during a consultation. Call us today!

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program


A medically supervised weight loss program at Hydrology Wellness is a structured plan designed and overseen by healthcare professionals to help individuals lose weight safely and effectively. These programs typically involve a combination of in-depth health analysis, dietary guidance, physical activity and modality recommendations, and sometimes medication or other medical interventions, such as IV infusions or B12 injections.

Here's what you can expect from Hydrology Wellness's program:

  1. Medical Assessment: Before starting the program, you'll undergo a thorough medical assessment to evaluate your overall health, identify any underlying medical conditions that could affect your weight loss efforts, and determine the most appropriate approach for you. Laboratory testing is often recommended to achieve a comprehensive assessment.
  2. Customized Plan: Based on your medical assessment and weight loss goals, healthcare professionals will develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs. This plan may include specific calorie targets, meal plans, exercise routines, and behavior modification strategies.
  3. Regular Monitoring: Throughout the program, you'll receive regular monitoring and support from Hydrology's healthcare professionals. This may include frequent check-ins, progress assessments, and adjustments to your plan as needed. We use the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer at your monthly weigh-ins to quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water content.
  4. Nutritional Guidance: You'll receive guidance on making healthier food choices, portion control, meal planning, appropriate nutritional supplements, and managing cravings. In some cases, meal replacement options may be recommended to help control calorie intake.
  5. Physical Activity Recommendations: Exercise is an important component of any weight loss program. Healthcare professionals will provide guidance on appropriate types and amounts of physical activity based on your fitness level and health status.
  6. Modality Therapy: With Hydrology Wellness's medically supervised weight loss program, we incorporate recommendations for treatments that can have a substantial impact on your weight loss success! We offer membership options that can include modalities that have been scientifically shown to enhance metabolism, decrease inflammation, release endorphins, improve sleep, decrease muscle soreness and fatigue, and boost your overall sense of vitality and well-being.
  7. Medical Interventions: Depending on your individual circumstances, your healthcare provider may prescribe medications or other medical interventions to aid in weight loss. These may include appetite suppressants, nutritional support supplements, and weight loss injections.
  8. Long-Term Support: Successful weight loss is often followed by weight maintenance challenges. A good program will provide ongoing support and resources to help you maintain your weight loss and adopt healthy lifestyle habits for the long term.

Overall, a medically supervised weight loss program offers a comprehensive approach to weight management, with the guidance and support of healthcare professionals every step of the way.

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Why Hydrology Wellness?

Fast. Effective. Direct to you.

Hydrology Wellness is a leading destination for wellness therapy in Miami. Our forward-thinking team of experts stays ahead of the curve to bring you only the safest, most clinically effective offerings. We serve athletes, older adults, CEOs, college students, pre/post-surgical patients and anyone looking to enhance their well-being and outward appearance on a deeper level. Our holistic approach to wellness takes your lifestyle into consideration, ensuring maximum benefits are achieved through each customized treatment plan we create. Look better, feel better, and be better at Hydrology Wellness!

The Science Behind Hydrology's Semaglutide Treatment

Semaglutide: Is it Right for You?


Semaglutide, a promising diabetes medication, offers a versatile approach to managing various health issues linked with type 2 diabetes. Widely accepted in diverse medical fields, semaglutide provides personalized treatments for those seeking effective solutions. Its goals include controlling blood sugar, aiding weight loss, lowering cardiovascular risk, and enhancing metabolic health. This article explores semaglutide's diverse applications, discussing its effectiveness in managing type 2 diabetes and emphasizing its growing importance in modern healthcare.


  1. Blood Sugar Regulation

Semaglutide effectively regulates blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes by stimulating the release of insulin and inhibiting the release of glucagon. This dual action helps to maintain blood glucose within the target range, reducing the risk of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. By improving glycemic control, semaglutide reduces the long-term complications associated with diabetes, such as neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy.


From this study by Giménez-Palop et al. (2024), semaglutide demonstrates its efficacy in reducing blood sugar levels in individuals diagnosed with Prader–Willi Syndrome (PWS) and type 2 diabetes. Through the administration of semaglutide, an analogue of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1-RA), significant improvements in weight loss and glycemic control were observed among the patients. Notably, semaglutide was well-tolerated by all participants, indicating its safety and potential as a treatment option for managing diabetes in individuals with PWS and obesity. The findings underscore semaglutide's role in addressing the complex metabolic dysregulation associated with PWS and highlight its promise in improving health outcomes for this patient population. 

  1. Weight Loss Promotion

Semaglutide aids in weight loss by suppressing appetite and promoting a feeling of fullness, leading to reduced calorie intake. This effect is particularly beneficial for individuals with obesity or overweight, common comorbidities of type 2 diabetes. By facilitating weight loss, semaglutide improves insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, and overall cardiovascular health, further reducing the risk of cardiovascular events in diabetic patients.


The study by Gao et al. (2022) presents compelling evidence that semaglutide effectively promotes weight loss in obese or overweight patients without diabetes. Analyzing randomized controlled trials involving 4,567 participants, semaglutide demonstrated significant reductions in body weight, BMI, and waist circumference compared to placebo. Moreover, semaglutide facilitated weight loss exceeding various thresholds, including 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%, in a larger proportion of participants. Additionally, semaglutide positively influenced blood pressure, C-reactive protein, and lipid profiles, indicating broader health benefits. Despite exhibiting more adverse effects, notably gastrointestinal reactions, than placebo, semaglutide maintained an acceptable safety profile. These findings suggest that semaglutide could emerge as a reliable and safe option for managing weight loss in obese or overweight individuals without diabetes, with consistent and dose-dependent results.

  1. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Semaglutide has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular death in individuals with type 2 diabetes. By improving cardiovascular outcomes, semaglutide provides additional benefits beyond glycemic control, making it a valuable treatment option for diabetic patients with a high risk of cardiovascular disease.


A study by Ryan et al. (2020) underscores semaglutide's potential in decreasing cardiovascular risk for overweight or obese patients without diabetes. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a top cause of global morbidity and mortality, largely linked to obesity. Despite this, effective strategies for weight reduction and lowering cardiovascular risk in obesity have been limited. The SELECT trial aims to bridge this gap by assessing semaglutide's effectiveness in reducing major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) in individuals with established CVD and overweight or obesity but without diabetes. Through a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled design, the study seeks to ascertain if semaglutide, given weekly, outperforms placebo in preventing MACE. Approximately 17,500 eligible patients, aged 45 years or older with a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or higher and diagnosed with CVD, will be enrolled globally for a five-year duration. The trial employs a flexible dosing strategy, gradually escalating from 0.24 mg to 2.4 mg over 16 weeks. With a focus on optimizing product exposure and providing ongoing support, SELECT aims to pioneer innovative approaches to reducing cardiovascular risk while addressing obesity, potentially offering substantial benefits for those at CVD risk.


In summary, semaglutide emerges as a promising treatment for those dealing with type 2 diabetes and its related health issues. This review highlights its effectiveness in regulating blood sugar levels, promoting weight loss, and reducing cardiovascular risk. Evidence from various studies indicates semaglutide's ability to regulate blood sugar effectively, leading to weight loss and improved glycemic control, especially in individuals with Prader–Willi Syndrome (PWS) and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, semaglutide aids weight loss in obese or overweight patients without diabetes, demonstrating significant reductions in body weight, BMI, and waist circumference. Ongoing research, such as the SELECT trial, suggests semaglutide's potential in lowering cardiovascular risk among patients with established CVD and overweight or obesity but without diabetes. With its versatile benefits and consistent efficacy, semaglutide emerges as a promising solution for managing type 2 diabetes and its complications, offering hope for better health outcomes. 


  1. Gao, X., Hua, X., Wang, X., Xu, W., Zhang, Y., Shi, C., & Gu, M. (2022). Efficacy and safety of semaglutide on weight loss in obese or overweight patients without diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 13. https://doi.org/10.3389/fphar.2022.935823
  2. Giménez-Palop, O., Romero, A., Casamitjana, L., Pareja, R. M., Rigla, M., & Caixàs, A. (2024). Effect of semaglutide on weight loss and glycaemic control in patients with Prader–Willi Syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Endocrinología, Diabetes Y Nutrición. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.endinu.2023.12.009
  3. Ryan, D. H., Lingvay, I., Colhoun, H. M., Deanfield, J., Emerson, S. S., Kahn, S. E., Kushner, R. F., Marso, S., Plutzky, J., Brown‐Frandsen, K., Gronning, M. O. L., Hovingh, G. K., Holst, A., Ravn, H., & Lincoff, A. M. (2020). Semaglutide Effects on Cardiovascular Outcomes in People With Overweight or Obesity (SELECT) rationale and design. American Heart Journal, 229, 61–69. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ahj.2020.07.008

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Semaglutide really work?

In a double-blind trial of over 1,900 subjects with a BMI of 30 or greater, once-weekly semaglutide injections resulted in losing 33 pounds on average, or five to ten percent of body weight.

Are Semaglutide safe?

Risks are minimal when overseen by a qualified Hydrology Wellness provider. Nausea, diarrhea, and constipation are the most commonly reported side effects of semaglutide, although gastrointestinal issues are usually transient and mild-to-moderate. Diabetic retinopathy and allergic reactions are also possible. Hypoglycemia is rare but may occur in a low number of patients.

Are Semaglutide long-term solutions for weight loss?

Semaglutide is generally considered safe for long-term use.

Are there any effective over-the-counter alternatives to Semaglutide out there?

While many OTC appetite suppressants exist on the market, none compare to the demonstrable efficacy of prescription semaglutide. When taking any medication, the safest way to go about it is to receive guidance and monitoring from a physician that can ensure you receive an appropriate dosage.

How much does Semaglutide cost?

Variances in dosage and brand can affect pricing. Uninsured patients may pay anywhere from $170 to $1,840 for a weekly dose on average. Insurance may cover semaglutide, reducing out-of-pocket costs. However, co-pays and lab work may cost extra.

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