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Surgery Preparation in Miami

Prepare Optimally


IV therapy for surgery preparation can help ensure that your body is optimally healthy for your procedure, allowing for your smoothest possible surgery and recovery. Our skilled team of medical providers at Hydrology Wellness strive to deliver the best surgery preparation Miami has to offer and we want to make your best surgical experience easy to achieve. Our IV therapy specialists at our Miami Wellness Center offer mobile IV services so that you can prepare for your procedure from your home, office, or hotel.

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How IV Therapy Helps

with surgical preparation and recovery

IV therapy treatment at Hydrology Wellness in Miami is designed to detoxify your body before and after surgery, promote faster healing after surgery, and enhance surgical recovery and outcomes. The ingredients in this formulation, which are both protective and restorative, include:

  • Vitamin C aids in the healing of wounds by reducing inflammation.
  • Zinc stimulates collagen production.
  • Aid in the recovery and repair with amino acids
  • Support in the healing and restoration with amino acids
  • A healthy immune system requires a good supply of magnesium, vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins.

Additional Reading

It's possible that our Miami surgery preparation IV Therapy can help you recover quicker from surgery and have fewer side effects, such as bruising, swelling, pain, scarring, or infection, as well as less scarring and less time spent in the hospital. Here you can learn more about the types of intravenous vitamin therapy we offer at Hydrology Wellness.

Surgery Preparation + Restoration

More Hydrology Surgery Preparation Recommendations

If you are getting ready for surgery, making sure your body is physically at its peak through IV therapy is a great start. We also recommend the following treatments to maximize your body’s ability to handle the rigors of surgery:

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy works wonders for your body before and after your procedure. Before surgery, compression therapy enhances circulation and improves your mood by flushing your system. Following surgery, compression therapy improves your body’s ability to heal and reduce swelling.

Massage Therapy

Similar to compression therapy, massage therapy improves blood flow throughout the body, which can help your body prep for surgery. It’s also relaxing and proven to improve your mood. Patients who go into surgery calm, relaxed, and with a positive outlook tend to have better outcomes than those with higher levels of stress, so anything you can do to reduce your stress before surgery will pay dividends during recovery.

Whole Patient Wellness Offered Here


You owe it to yourself to consider surgery preparation IV therapy treatments if you have a surgical procedure. We recommend four to five treatments in advance and two to four following the procedure for optimal results.

IV Therapy for Surgery Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get IV therapy before and after surgery?

With surgery preparation IV therapy at Hydrology Wellness, you can reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation, scarring, pain, and infection for a faster and easier recovery. For plastic surgery patients, this may mean that you will be able to get back to your regular activities as well as realize your procedure results sooner and without complication.

Can I have IV therapy at home?

Yes! At Hydrology Wellness, we are dedicated to making your healthiest life as easy to achieve as possible. Our mobile services allow you to undergo IV therapy and other pre and post-operative procedures from the comfort of your home.

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