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Cryotherapy in Miami

Cryotherapy in Miami at Hydrology Wellness

Realize a Healthier Look & Life

What if you could dramatically improve your health with just one simple and safe treatment? That’s the promise of cryotherapy in Miami at Hydrology Wellness, and it’s an offer that too many people pass up in favor of other, less effective health treatments. Whether you’re looking to get better results from your workouts or simply seeking to improve your overall wellness, our state-of-the-art facility can help you reach your goals holistically and faster than you might expect.

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What is cryotherapy?

The Quick, Cool Way to Enhance Your Health

Chances are you’ve heard of cryotherapy before, more and more people are using it to address things like skin problems, muscle aches, and joint pain. Here’s what you need to know about it. During a session, clients go into one of several cryosaunas (think snow caves) that have been pre-cooled to minus-200 degrees Fahrenheit—that’s almost as cold as outer space!

The goal is to expose your body to extreme temperatures for short periods of time, which causes your blood vessels to constrict and your heart rate to slow down. Cryotherapy results in an increase in oxygen flow throughout your body, which helps boost energy levels and reduce inflammation; plus, when you get out of there after just two to five minutes, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Extreme cold temperatures can elicit physiological hormonal responses such as increases in endorphins, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. These hormones have a direct relationship with sleep and relaxation. Endorphins activate the body's opiate receptors, relieving pain and improving sleep, while norepinephrine serves as a moderate sedative, allowing the body to relax and sleep more soundly.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?

Convenient & Holistic Wellness Enhancement

This therapy has been known to reduce migraines, inflammation, nerve pain, mood disorder symptoms, and skin condition symptoms. It may also help you feel less anxious and less depressed as well as boost your immune system. And it could even improve your athletic performance! The process is non-invasive, quick (the treatment lasts only a few minutes), and requires no recovery time afterward. And if you’re thinking about trying cryotherapy out but don’t know where to go, contact us at Hydrology Wellness because we strive to deliver the best cryotherapy Miami has to offer. The cryotherapy services at our wellness center in Miami is done with state-of-the-art equipment.

Am I a candidate for Cryotherapy?

Your Path to Better Health

Cryotherapy is an excellent treatment option for virtually anyone who would like to improve their health and athletic performance non-invasively. Cryotherapy slows the aging process by increasing hormone production (which decreases considerably as we age), which is essential for living a longer and higher quality of life, as well as lowering oxidative stress, cleaning out toxins within the body, and repairing tissue. Whether you’re an athlete looking to decrease recovery time and muscle soreness after strenuous workouts or just someone who wants to look and feel better, there are many reasons why people flock to our wellness center every day.

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Your Cryotherapy Procedure

What is treatment like?

For your procedure, you will simply enter one of our cryo chambers for two to five minutes. We encourage our Miami cryotherapy patients to wear minimal clothing during treatment for optimal results. This may include socks, underwear or swimwear, gloves, a headband, and a protective mask over the ears, nose, and mouth. Each chamber is kept at an extremely cold temperature using nitrogen or argon gas. This extreme cold destroys damaged tissue, reduces inflammation, and boosts collagen production for comprehensive benefits.

Presurgical Cryotherapy

In addition to its health benefits as a standalone procedure, cryotherapy can be an excellent way to improve your body’s ability to recover faster following surgery. By using cryotherapy before surgery to reduce existing inflammation, you free your body’s lymphatic system to be able to focus on your surgery site. You can also begin using cryotherapy again about a month after surgery to control inflammation and promote faster healing.

First Time? What To Expect:

Service Duration: 2-3 minutes
Frequency: Consistency is key! Can be done daily.

Cryotherapy Recovery

After Your Session

Although the chamber is kept at what sounds like an unbearably cold temperature, there is no moisture. This makes the cold very tolerable and prevents it from penetrating into deeper tissues, so you will be able to warm up quickly after you exit the chamber. Not only is there no real recovery time after cryotherapy, but it actually boosts endorphins which means you will feel happier, more alert, and full of energy immediately after your appointment.

Cryotherapy Results

When will I notice a difference?

If you’re looking to give your skin and body an immediate boost, consider trying cryotherapy at Hydrology Wellness in Miami. The deep-cooling treatment will provide immediate improvement, although the best results are seen after ten or more sessions in two to three weeks. You can expect to notice numerous health benefits as a result of your treatment, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and faster recovery time after workouts.

The Science Behind Hydrology's Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy: Is it Right for You?


Cryotherapy is crucial in medicine, using extreme cold to target tissues for therapeutic benefits. It's widely used across medical fields, ensuring precise treatment delivery and promoting healing for many conditions. The goals include timely intervention, maximizing treatment outcomes, and addressing specific health issues. This article explores cryotherapy's various applications, providing guidance on its suitability for different medical conditions and highlighting its importance in modern healthcare.


  1. Pain Relief

Cryotherapy effectively alleviates pain by numbing nerve endings and reducing inflammation. The extreme cold constricts blood vessels upon application, decreasing blood flow and swelling, providing relief for acute injuries such as sprains or strains, as well as chronic conditions like arthritis. By reducing pain sensations, cryotherapy enhances mobility and overall quality of life for individuals with musculoskeletal issues.


A study by Garcia et al. (2021) indicates that cryotherapy, whether applied locally or to non-local areas, holds promise for reducing chronic pain linked to conditions like rheumatic and degenerative diseases. Various study designs, including randomized controlled trials and case-control studies, collectively demonstrate cryotherapy's potential as a safe therapy with minimal adverse effects in carefully selected patients. Both local and non-local cryotherapy are seen as low-risk and straightforward treatments for chronic pain management.

  1. Accelerated Healing

Cryotherapy speeds up healing by boosting blood circulation and supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms. Exposure to cold triggers a response from the body, increasing blood flow to the treated area post-session. This surge in oxygen and nutrients aids in more efficient tissue repair, leading to faster recovery from injuries or post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally, cryotherapy aids in shortening recovery times for athletes following intense training or competitions, facilitating a quicker return to peak performance levels.


The study by Ramos et al. (2016) explores cryotherapy's effects on muscle healing, suggesting it aids recovery by reducing inflammation. While cryotherapy doesn't directly enhance muscle repair or collagen levels, it may indirectly alleviate pain and assist in rehabilitation. Despite complexities, cryotherapy appears to uphold collagen and remodel the extracellular matrix while reducing inflammation, suggesting its utility in muscle recovery.

  1. Skin Rejuvenation

Cryotherapy promotes skin health and rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production and refining skin tone and texture. Cold temperatures cause blood vessels in the skin to constrict, reducing inflammation and eliminating toxins, resulting in a clearer complexion and diminished appearance of skin imperfections such as acne or redness. Furthermore, the increase in collagen production enhances skin elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Cryotherapy facials have become popular for their ability to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional skincare treatments.


A study conducted by Dzidek A. and Piotrowska A. (2022) examines cryotherapy's impact on the skin, noting effects vary based on treatment frequency. Single sessions differ from multiple treatments, common in rehabilitation. Cryotherapy shows potential for reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, possibly benefiting skin aging. Improved blood circulation is a notable outcome.


In sum, cryotherapy has diverse benefits for different medical conditions. Initially, it effectively relieves pain by numbing nerve endings and reducing inflammation, aiding both acute injuries and chronic ailments like arthritis. Research, such as Garcia et al. (2021), supports cryotherapy as a safe and low-risk treatment for chronic pain management, with minimal side effects. Additionally, cryotherapy speeds up healing by boosting blood circulation and supporting the body's natural recovery processes, facilitating faster recuperation from injuries and improving post-surgical rehabilitation. Evidence from Ramos et al. (2016) underscores cryotherapy's potential in inflammation reduction and muscle recovery. Lastly, cryotherapy promotes skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production, enhancing skin tone and texture. Studies like Dzidek A. and Piotrowska A. (2022) indicate cryotherapy's promise for skin health and revitalization. Overall, cryotherapy presents promising therapeutic advantages across various medical contexts, establishing itself as a valuable tool in modern healthcare. 


  1. Dzidek, A., & Piotrowska, A. (2022). The use of cryotherapy in cosmetology and the influence of cryogenic temperatures on selected Skin Parameters—A Review of the Literature. Cosmetics, 9(5), 100. https://doi.org/10.3390/cosmetics9050100
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Learn more about Cryotherapy at Hydrology Wellness

Advanced Treatment from Medical Professionals

Today, your cryotherapy specialist and aesthetician at Hydrology Wellness is here to answer your questions about how cryotherapy can help you achieve your best look and life. During your consultation, we’ll discuss what cryotherapy is, how it can help you achieve better skin and overall wellness, and whether or not cryotherapy is right for you. If you're considering cryotherapy in Miami, contact Hydrology Wellness for an exceptional wellness center experience and results you'll love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I expect to see an immediate difference after one cryotherapy treatment?

If you want to optimize and retain your effects, we recommend seven to ten sessions spread out over two to three weeks. New cryotherapy users should schedule their sessions closer together, whilst regulars should schedule one to two sessions each week to preserve their results.

Is cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherapy is not only safe but also recommended by doctors and dermatologists as a way to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

What are some other benefits of cryotherapy?

In addition to helping with skin conditions, cryotherapy has been shown to help with weight loss and pain relief, both of which can be great benefits for those who want their body looking its best.

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