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Giving Back Hydrology Wellness
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Health and wellness is not only about aiding patients with physical illness, injury, or recovery. This practice is about helping humanity, individuals, and the environment.

Hydrology Wellness was founded as part of a journey into health, wellness, and beauty and its main desire is to help people. Sometimes this means helping them feel their best, but many times, this also encompasses helping them look their best. Hydrology Wellness’ founder loves people, and he wants to give back. His focused attention to his patients and their needs has developed into the desire to launch a movement of giving back in order to inspire people to shoot for the stars and revel in the majesty of Earth and everything it has to offer.

ocean cleanup crew volunteer on one of their vessels

The Ocean Cleanup

In Florida, as coastal dwellers, we rely on clean, healthy, vivid ocean water to sustain our livelihoods and quality of life. Hydrology Wellness takes pride in our ability and commitment to provide tangible and substantial support for The Ocean Clean Up.

This non-profit organization works on developing new technologies and methods for removing dangerous and sometimes lethal plastic debris from our oceans. The Ocean Clean up project is ambitious but passionate in its goal to eliminate up to 90% of floating plastic pollution from the ocean. The dual-action effort includes:

  • Stop or reduce the sources of pollution
  • Remove the plastic already polluting much of the ocean water

The latest endeavor for The Ocean Clean Up is addressing the issue we call the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They also plan on sending out “river interceptors,” which can effectively intervene and prevent plastic from being carried in rivers before it gets to the ocean. The goal is to install 15 interceptors by the end of 2022.

Since its volunteer-based beginnings in 2013, The Ocean Clean Up currently has more than 100 employees and has successfully removed over 2 million pounds of trash from the environment, the largest clean-up ever on record. The ultimate goal of The Ocean Clean Up is to no longer be needed and live in a world where trash is scarce, and the ocean is CLEAN. You can help us achieve this!

Follow us online, visit us at our website at theoceanleanup.com, and donate to help us help the planet!

At Hydrology, we believe and understand that it is a true privilege to possess the ability to help others. Helping the planet is our other primary goal since, without Earth, what do we have? Join us as we offer what resources we have available to aid and sustain the planet.

Giving helps in two ways. Obviously, the receiver is given aid and restoration. But, the giver is also lifted and energized, knowing that they were able to assist a cause bigger than themselves. At Hydrology we have passion to assist charities and philanthropic giving. We invite you to stir up the same passion in yourself and give back within your scope and means.

Donate, get involved, pursue to:

  • Make an impact
  • Support a need
  • Strengthen a community
  • Preserve the environment
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Exchange knowledge and experience
  • Sharpen your skills and the skills of others
  • Add purpose to your life

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Also... it feels good to give!

Volunteer. Donate. Give. Live.

Questions about our ongoing charitable and philanthropic campaigns, call 786-789-1922.
Thank you for your support!

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