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InBody Body Composition Analysis in Miami, FL

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In the age of the internet, it's easy to get information on a wide variety of topics. But what if you need to research yourself? In order to achieve health and wellness goals, knowing as much as possible about our own bodies can be crucial. With our Miami InBody Body Composition Analysis, you can get the insights you need to meet your goals and accurately track your progress.

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InBody Body Composition Analysis at Hydrology Wellness

Experience InBody Body Composition Analysis at Hydrology Wellness, your premier destination for comprehensive wellness. Our Miami wellness center is committed to providing precise and insightful body composition assessments to support your health and transformation journey. See the difference at Hydrology Wellness with accurate and personalized insights into your body composition.

What is InBody Body Composition Analysis?

InBody Body Composition Analysis is a non-invasive body composition testing method used to assess the makeup of the body, providing valuable insights into overall health and fitness. This analysis utilizes bioelectrical impedance to measure the impedance of electrical flow through different tissues, such as muscle, fat, and water. The electrical current encounters different levels of resistance as it passes through different types of tissue. Muscle and water have lower resistance, while fat has higher resistance. The analysis generates a comprehensive report detailing various metrics, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), and other data.

Why is InBody Body Composition Analysis Important?

This innovative assessment tool offers a comprehensive understanding of body composition, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise routines. Our Body Composition Analysis patients can:

  • Receive personalized nutrition recommendations
  • Tailor exercise routines based on specific body composition
  • Track changes in body composition over time
  • Understand the relationship between body fat percentage and overall health
  • Develop a positive body image
  • Maximize the effectiveness of wellness programs
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Am I a candidate for InBody Body Composition Analysis?

InBody is commonly used to assess baseline body composition and track changes during fitness and wellness programs such as medical weight loss or prior to surgical treatments. It is a non-invasive procedure, and most people can undergo this analysis without any issues. It is important to note that pregnant women and individuals with electronic implants or pacemakers should consult with their healthcare provider before undergoing BIA.

What does the InBody Body Composition Analysis measure?

Information about our bodies can be extremely helpful as we try to improve our health and wellness, but what specifically can we do with this information? This is Why It Matters.

Total Body Water

Why does this matter? The calculation of Total Body Water includes Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water. If ECW increases, but ICW does not, this can be a sign of inflammation due to overtraining and may indicate a need to cut back on your routine.

Lean Body Mass

Why does this matter? When Lean Body Mass increases, it usually means muscle mass has been built. However, if body water is off balance also, this can mean unnecessary swelling.

Dry Lean Mass

Why does this matter? Dry Lean Mass increase is generally a good sign of healthy muscle building as long as other factors are balanced.

Body Fat Mass

Why does this matter? Body Fat Mass includes both visceral and subcutaneous fat. Reducing Body Fat Mass can help reduce many obesity-related health concerns.


Why does this matter? Comparing your total weight to the composition parts gives us a much better picture of weight health compared to simple BMI.

Why choose Hydrology Wellness?

Hydrology Wellness is dedicated to rejuvenation. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients not only look but also feel their absolute best. To facilitate this transformation, we utilize a diverse range of products and services. Our offerings include an array of wellness treatments, from red light therapy to specialized post-surgical recovery regimens. Additionally, we provide a long list of aesthetic options, such as injectables and microneedling. At Hydrology Wellness, our goal is to make you feel incredible — both inside and out.

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InBody Body Composition Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does InBody Body Composition Analysis hurt?

Patients typically feel a mild tingling sensation as the electrical current passes through, but it is generally painless.

Is InBody Body Composition Analysis safe?

InBody analysis is a non-invasive scan using very low electrical current, which is generally safe for most individuals.

Are there any effective alternatives to InBody Body Composition Analysis?

There are some other techniques that aim to measure body composition, but the effectiveness of these alternatives varies in terms of accuracy, cost, and ease of use.

How much does InBody Body Composition Analysis cost?

The cost of InBody Body Composition Testing will vary depending on the specific needs of the individual.

Will my insurance cover InBody Body Composition Analysis?

In most cases, the InBody Body Composition Analysis is not covered by medical insurance.

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